Ambassador Program

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The OKAPIO Ambassador program engages all people to build a more peaceful world. Ambassadors can be human or non-human animals. Together we promote a conscious lifestyle and the protection of animals and nature. OKAPIO represents a kind and gentle paradigm shift on our planet for the benefit of all.

Ambassadors will carry that message to a wide audience. They will communicate to all countries and peoples, regardless of age, sex, or location. It’s time to change the rules. We want your help to share these stories and encourage participation. Ambassadors with demonstrable leadership skills will bring our ethos and platform to the world.


Potential candidates should have a basic knowledge of topics relevant to environmental protection. Demonstrated commitment to an ethical, and conscious lifestyle is also essential. It is most important to be open and willing to improve an understanding of a range of associated topics. Formal education in these topics isn’t mandatory, but helps to articulate the relevant issues. Some topics to be familiar with include: animal protection, basic ecology, plant-based nutrition, renewable energy, reduction of waste, over-consumption, endangered species, biodiversity, sustainability, UN SDGs, and conservation. It is crucial to recognize the link between lifestyle choices and environmental and species destruction.


  • To promote the interconnectedness of critical issues facing our planet.
  • To harness the compassion needed for animal protection and extend it to the natural environment.
  • To develop respect for the environment, species and a benevolent society.
  • To show people how daily choices impact the natural environment and others’ quality of living.
  • To inspire everyone to live in an ecologically responsible and ethical manner.
  • To empower others with the knowledge and passion to become Ambassadors in their own communities.


We want Ambassadors of all ages, locations, or occupations. If you’re a student, retiree, single mother or a cat, you too can be an Ambassador. Anyone under 18 requires parental consent, but there is a special place for youth Ambassadors now more than ever. You decide on your personal forum, online or offline, at school or through social media. We will help develop your personal platform to an engaged global audience. Find your voice; find your purpose.


  • Official Ambassador title
  • Remote introduction meeting
  • An exclusive Ambassador profile
  • Direct support and coaching from our staff
  • Access to early disclosure information (NDA required)
  • Gain global regognition as a face of our ethical platform
  • Gain valuable leadership experience and be a positive role model
  • Sponsored travel to organization opportunities with partner organizations
  • Sponsored funding to assist in promoting our initiatives locally
  • Work with other motivated Ambassadors and build meaningful friendships


  • Become fluent in the OKAPIO platform
  • Promote OKAPIO to the public
  • Contribute to the @okapio Instagram account
  • Become familiar with your local organizations and activists
  • Track interactions with community members
  • Keep notes to help create engaging stories


Start the application process with the form below. If you’re well suited for the program our staff will be in touch shortly to guide you through the process. Completion of the process will include a remote meeting to confirm the application details and finalize your approval.

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