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OKAPIO is a Hong Kong based technology startup with a global scope, dedicated to animal and environmental protection. We harness the power and potential of emerging technologies to transform seemingly intractable issues into measurable positive outcomes.

Passion, perseverance and character. OKAPIO team members must have a demonstrable commitment to being game-changers. We are most interested in candidates who are experts in their chosen field and who understand critical issues can only be surmounted through creative collaboration and commitment to the greater good.


You’re more than just smart, creative and energized around your topics of interest and expertise; you eat them for breakfast. Every day you yearn for an opportunity to create meaningful impact in the world and you’re constantly challenging your own personal and professional development with new goals and milestones. You would be insulted if someone called you average, even in jest. In short, you’re an expert, and everyone around you knows it. Bonus points to anyone who can fill more than one of the following roles.


  • Community Manager
  • Computer Scientist
  • Data Scientist
  • DevOps
  • Drone Pilots
  • iOS / Android Mobile Developer
  • Public Relations
  • Software Engineer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Game Designer


These extremely limited openings are available to anyone, anywhere, anytime until they are filled.


  • Become fluent in all things OKAPIO
  • Contribute to the product team projects
  • Dream big and help build a truly inspirational platform


Start the application process with the form below. If you’re well suited for the program our staff will be in touch shortly to guide you through the process. Completion of the process will include a remote meeting to confirm the application details and finalize your approval.

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