Citizen Research Program

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Our research program enables everyone to take part in solving persistent issues in animal and environmental protection. We create opportunities for you to unlock real answers and contribute to real progress. Join a vibrant community of all ages and backgrounds collaborating for the greater good.

Through web and mobile apps you will be directly involved in collecting important data on some of the most persistent threats to animal and environmental protection.


  • Courage: you can act rightly in the face of difficulty or fear.
  • Discretion: you’re comfortable not discussing your participation in public. In many cases, non-attribution is the primary metric of success.
  • Domain: you’re familiar with the specific issues for which you want to contribute data.
  • Flexibility: you can handle sudden changes and go with the flow.
  • Friendly: you’re able to build genuine rapport with people you may not like.
  • Humility: you know yourself, your shortcomings, and your strengths.
  • Integrity: you’re confident doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
  • Professional: you can maintain a professional demeaner in challenging circumstances.
  • Tech Savvy: you can take a photo or video on a smartphone and upload it to the cloud.


  • To test large-scale structured collaboration methods
  • To improve available data on critical issues
  • To assist organizations who don’t have in-house data, analysis and research teams
  • To enhance the ability to provide accurate and timely analysis of common problems facing the animal and environmental protection sectors.
  • To provide a clear picture of often conflicting evidence and knowledge gaps.
  • To improve the data quality necessary to impact science, law and policy.


Our program is organization agnostic, meaning you can contribute as an individual or as member of any reputable organization. United around common goals, we are acting together to address difficult issues. With your help we aim to discover, to learn and to teach while leveraging the power and wisdom of the crowds who surround specific critical issues. Ultimately, we will find and support the best organizations doing the best work. And you will make this possible.


  • Remote introduction meeting
  • Access training material for researchers
  • Direct support and coaching from our staff
  • Access to early disclosure information (NDA required)
  • Track your progress while contributing to real change


Start the application process with the form below. If you’re well suited for the program our staff will be in touch shortly to guide you through the process. Completion of the process will include a remote meeting to confirm the application details. If you are applying as staff of an organization, extra information may be needed to verify your application.

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